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Victor x reader: rough lime,R.15: - Prove me wrong
Rough lime ahead. 
Read at your own risk.


"You're very beautiful, (y/n)!" Your beloved fiancé complimented you, leaning on the door frame of your shared room.
You thanked him with a smile, which he happily returned and you keep on brushing your (h/c) hair.
Victor walked next to you and in front of the mirror, while he was desperately trying to fix his tie.
"Let me help you" you giggled as you stood up and took the piece of fabric in your hands.
Victor actually took the chance to admire you once more.
You were really majestic tonight. You were wearing his favorite (f/c) dress, that you knew how much he loved. It became you and it complimented your figure so much that Victor co
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Chinese Wisdom by the-fatal-sun Chinese Wisdom :iconthe-fatal-sun:the-fatal-sun 2 4 Let's learn some Greek *aph* by the-fatal-sun Let's learn some Greek *aph* :iconthe-fatal-sun:the-fatal-sun 4 10
England x reader- Wolf in disguise

[18] Slipping across the rooftops amongst the shadowy lengths of the elite's impressive but impractical housing, no one upon the ground might guess your deadly intentions or the passion for your profession that pulled you on.

It was a lovely summer night that London was blessed with. It was pretty late, so the busy capital was unusualy quiet. Only a few dime lights from inside the houses were still awake. The starts were simmering in the sky, keeping you company as you were patiently waiting for your boss to arrive. He had to be very careful when walking out of his settler, given that the police were after him. You were honored to be working as an underboss for England’s most notorious gangster (clandestinely of course).  His name was still remaining a secret for the public though, thus many had desperately tried to disclose his identity.
Nobody has ever seen him. Nothing has ever been revealed. Some even claimed
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Romano x reader- Hidden blades (oneshot)
[Assassin's Creed Themed story]

"Damn it, (y/n)! Focus, amore (love)!" The temperamental Italian told the female next to him, who was constantly spacing out.
"Sorry, Romano.'' she said, while she handed him a bag of their groceries.
"C'mon let's go home, carina (sweetheart).  I bet you're tired" Romano planted a quick kiss on her shoulder.
It was a lovely day. The generous sun was coloring the sky with golden beams of light. Gentle gusts of wind occasionally blew, inviting the trees to move along to the invisible music the historical city of Rome was composing. Despite the warm and relaxing weather, an odd intension was filling the atmosphere of the crowdie streets.
"PLEASE, LET ME GO!!" A voice frantically cried.
It was a boy not older than 8 years old, desperately trying to kick his way out of a Borgia's hands
"You sneaky little thief..." the guard hissed.
A gang of them ha
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Denmark x reader- Royalty (pt.2)

Pt.1: Denmark x reader- Royalty
The tired prince woke up from another night away his home. His own inhibitions that hunted his sleep didn't let him rest at all.
Another pointless day on his calendar, he thought.
The male sat straight up in his bed.
He was meditating all night about the odd situation he was forced to participate in since he met her.
Something wasn't right about princess (y/n). Not only she wasn't as aristocratic and delegate as her status required, but also her manners and posture reminded him of the provincial life he witnessed every time he rode his horse around the villages of his kingdom.
Her maiden was far more suitable for being a royalty than her and this drove him crazy!
The beautiful girl with the (h/c) and the (e/c) eyes that Mathias was head over heals with.
A month had already passed since had Lukas moved in this lan
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Romano x reader- Mafia Shivers (pt.4)

Mafia!Romano x reader- Mafia shivers (Pt.3)
"Are you an idiot or what?"
Romano barked on top of his lungs, intimidatingly marching towards the girl.
"I was about to ask you the same thing." (y/n) sarcastically answered. "You know, being more polite would actually be a nice change for once."
"I talk to you like-a this, hoping that one day my words will get into your damn head."
"Given that, I should be the one screaming here."
Romano frowned and threw the earbuds off his head. "Practice is over. I had enough of you for one day." he hissed while taking his expensive, black gloves off as well. "Make sure you won't fuck our mission up tonight." he scornfully added before leave the shooting rage and its electric atmosphere.
(y/n) didn't respond and took an irritated breath to cool down, in order to avoid another conflict with the temperamental Italian.
The female put her training gun with the yellow string back
:iconthe-fatal-sun:the-fatal-sun 15 2
Erwin x reader (rq) - Empty hands

"One more second, love. We're about to finish. Stay still." (y/n)'s soothing voice echoed through his ears as the female was treating her husband's wound.
Erwin's usually collected expression momentarily twisted in pain.
2 years ago, Erwin had an accident while on duty that almost deprived him his life. Following the second appearance of the Armored Titan, Erwin lost his right arm just below his shoulder. He was immediately suspended and sent back home in a terrible condition. (y/n) will never forget how vigorously her heart was beating when Commander Pixis announced the heart-breaking news. (y/n) had counted many sleepless nights, desperately waiting for Erwin to just open his eyes or even take a deep, normal breath. Many had claimed that it was impossible for anyone to survive such an attack, but (y/n) refused to give up on Erwin. Thus, she picked up her broken pieces and stayed strong for both of
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Russia x reader (rq)- When night is blind

The ballroom of the imposing, Russian mansion is frequented by people.
Shrewd millionaires, corrupted politicians and journalists, notorious criminals and ruthless mafia members are here to celebrate another success of the most powerful man in Russia and now in the whole world.
The police has been taken down. The last unwelcome situation was settled this morning. Another huge victory for the head of the Russian mafia.
Nobody knows neither his name nor how the Russian Don looks like. Nobody has ever seen him. Nothing has ever been revealed.
"Master, Ivan... Why don't you go outside? All these people are here for you." His Lithuanian butler coaxed him. "Being locked in your office by your own is not a good way to celebrate such a huge success!"
The man had his back turned to the younger male that stood a few meters away from his office desk.  Lighting up his cigarette, Ivan finally sat down on his office chair a
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Germany x reader-Der Nussaknacker (The Nutcracker)
The bold letters are another character's p.o.v, not yours...
Just to make sure you won't get baffled. :)


Christmas eve had finally arrived meaning that the most wonderful time of the year was here.
Yes! I'm going to narrate you a Christmas story. A tale as old as time...
Well... ' how do you know that?' I hear you asking.
Oh, my dear! Believe it or not, I was there! I saw everything with my very own eyes!
But now you're wondering who I am...
I won't tell you... For now...
Wait... Where were we? Oh, yes... Now I remember... I was about to introduce you to someone. There she's...

"I can't wait to open our awesome presents!" (y/n)'s friend,Gilbert stated full of excitement.
The two besties were sitting in the living room, exploiting the warmness that the lazy fire generously offered.
The (h/c) female took her eyes off the book she was reading and looked at the albino.
"Me too, Gil!" she answered, smi
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APH Germany/Ludwig Beilschmeit- Lost war

The night had spread its darkness through the German camp. The sky was hopelessly beautiful despite the inclement weather. How ironic. The whole nature wanted to remind everyone how useless this war was…
“ I can’t bear this anymore. Most of mein (my) friends died beside me. Every day I wake up in the middle of the night, remembering them screaming for help. Crying from pain. Begging me to end their life. They say it's the only way to escape this awful war."  
War... Such a tiny but yet hatred word. Just three letters can deprive so many things... It can murder love, life, hope...
Ludwig put his hands on the pockets of his military coat. He fumbled their inner only to find them...
"Right now, in the palm of my hands" he mumbled " I ‘ve got 8 letters, which must be sent to their families…  ''Your son died to war, fighting for his country... Good job" he tau
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The Netherlands x reader (Pottertalia rq)- Protect
Slytherin x Hufflepuff 

"Hey love!" the beautiful female greeted  the tall Dutch, giving her boyfriend a hug.
"Hello, (y/n)" he answered almost emotionlessly given that the hint of pink that appeared on his cheeks, exposed him.
"How was your day?" she pecked his nose, jumping a little to reached it.
"Gryffindor..." the male mumbled with the same annoying hint on his cheeks not fainting away. The contrary actually...
"They pranked you again, didn't they?" he heard his girlfriend giggling. "Typical of them..."
Tim suppressed the smile that it threatened to form on his lips. Even though he would never admit it, he really enjoyed watching her beloved koesteren (treasure) laughing, smiling and giggling. It was a sign that she was fine. A cheerful person, is a happy person. And that's the only thing Tim ever wanted,
To make (y/n) happy.
"It's cold today." she stated, capturing Tim's attention. Despite not
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Vampire! Makoto [Free!] x reader - Stay away.

"(y/n)-chan..." a gentle voice called your name in your sleep.
"Huh?" you immediately opened your (e/c) eyes only to be met with a pair of olive orbs and a childlike smile.
You felt the covers of your bed been wrapped around your frame protectively.
Makoto, your beloved boyfriend, was laying beside you, facing you.
"Makoto, how did you get in my room?" you surprised whispered.
"Your parents opened the door and invited me in." he explained.
"No way..."
"You were already sleeping when I came in."
"I don't believe you." you turned your head to look at your alarm clock, which was resting at your nightstand.
"It's 3 in the morning."
"Ok... you caught me... I opened your window and got in. I am always invited in your home, am I not?" he smirked.
"Yes, Makoto! You are"
You grinned hearing his response. He would always be so romantic...
"But why?  It's too early... I mean...Normal people sleep around these hours."
Makoto chuckled
:iconthe-fatal-sun:the-fatal-sun 9 11
Mafia!Romano x reader- Mafia shivers (Pt.3)

Mafia!Romano x reader- Mafia shivers (pt.2)
"Okay, (y/n). I want you to take this Sniper rifle and hit the aim over there 5 times on the same spot. You only have one chance."
Six months had already passed from the day (y/n) had been accepted to the notorious "famiglia".
Being the experienced, careful and clever girl she was, (y/n) had managed to make a very good impression. At first, despite their kind and friendly actions, the female could feel the caution and the fidgety in everyone's movements. But now that she was proved to be trustworthy, everybody had relaxed and the atmosphere in the mansion was pleasant once more.
She had also managed to get along with all of her coworkers.
Unique and very interesting personalities.
Feliciano was the younger of the twins and the more cheerful. He was the first one to trust her. He trusted her so much from the beginning that he even showed her his paintings, somethi
:iconthe-fatal-sun:the-fatal-sun 21 1
Romano x reader- Hunger games

"Thank God, It's over!" a sigh full of relief escaped Romano's mouth as he exited the edifice, where the world meetings were usually held.
"Stupid people..." he meditated, fumbling the inside of his jacket pockets to find his car keys. He pressed the button to unlock his black Ferrari and got in.
"Mio fratello idioto (my stupid brother) is always 'Germany this' and 'Doitsu that' and 'Oh Germany you're so perfect.' Ahh!! Vanfacculo bastardi! (Fuck you, bastards) " he was constantly mumbling and cursing.
"At least... I can finally go home" he concluded when he started to calm down. A smile crawled on his lips once a certain figure took over his thoughts. "I'll get to spend some extra time with (y/n), tonight! And eat! I'm starving!" he satisfied stated and his eyes sparkled in anticipation.
Romano and (y/n) had been married for 3 years already. "Three years of love and bliss" He thought. The Italian had cherished every single moment the
:iconthe-fatal-sun:the-fatal-sun 59 47
Milo Thatch [rq] x reader-conspirancy against you

"Thus, If we replace the letter R with a C " Milo Thatch wiped the said letter off the chalkboard with his hand in order to emphasis his statement "We can finally conclude that Atlantis is not under Ireland... But it's ICELAND we're talking about!" he exuberantly exclaimed.
The audience vigorously applauded the young man, fascinated by both his discovery and his speech.
"Milo, you were amazing!" his girlfriend praised and hugged him once he got off the stage.
"Thank you, (y/n)... God... I was so nervous..." he confessed as he released her from his embrace.
"Well, we should celebrate! Shall we go on, Mr. Thatch?" The female playfully suggested.
"Yes, we should, Mrs. Thatch." he offered his hand, making the (h/c) chuckle.
"I'm not Mrs. Thatch... You haven't even proposed yet, Milo" she replied, causing Milo's jaw to fall...
"Hehe... Yeah... Right..." he nervously rubbed the back of his neck. 'I can't believe I forgot the propo
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τὸ γὰρ κακὸν τοῦ ἀπείρου, τὸ δ’ ἀγαθὸν τοῦ πεπερασμένου. Διὸ καὶ τὸ μὲν ῥᾴδιον τὸ δὲ χαλεπόν, ῥᾴδιον μὲν τὸ ἀποτυχεῖν τοῦ σκοποῦ, χαλεπὸν δὲ τὸ ἐπιτυχεῖν.

For evil is infinitive in nature, while good in finite. So, that the one is easy and the other hard, it's easy to fail your task and hard to achieve it.

~Aristoteles, Ethica Nikomachean. (B 6, 14)
#θεωρητικήftw #wishmeluck 
Happy New year! I know it's a bit late, but a wish is a wish, so... it's always welcome :D
So not 1, not two but... 2018 wishes for a healthy, successful, creative, prosperous and full of happiness year! <3<3<3
The most wonderful time of the year is finally here and some of your favorite APH countries are here to wish you a "Very Merry Christmas" via these stories!
5d9700e404cb503841cabcc341aca275 by the-fatal-sun

Glædelig Jul!!: Denmark x reader- Denmark x reader- My only wish this year...

God Jul: Norway x reader-Let it snow/Baby it's cold outside

Gleðileg jól: Iceland x reader- Shake up Christmas

Hyvää joulua!!: Finland x reader- Santa Claus is coming to town

God Jul: Sweden x reader- It must have been the mistletoe

Frohe Weihnachten: Germany x reader-Der Nussaknacker (The Nutcracker)

Also, here's a special story to celebrate Viktor Nikiforov's b-day! :  Victor x reader: rough lime,R.15: - Prove me wrong

Merry Christmas everyone and A happy New Year!!
Καλά Χριστούγεννα και ευτυχισμένος ο καινούριος χρόνος !!
Rough lime ahead. 
Read at your own risk.


4d3959477b5bdf6e32338ee524a69d58 by the-fatal-sun

"You're very beautiful, (y/n)!" Your beloved fiancé complimented you, leaning on the door frame of your shared room.
You thanked him with a smile, which he happily returned and you keep on brushing your (h/c) hair.
Victor walked next to you and in front of the mirror, while he was desperately trying to fix his tie.
"Let me help you" you giggled as you stood up and took the piece of fabric in your hands.
Victor actually took the chance to admire you once more.
You were really majestic tonight. You were wearing his favorite (f/c) dress, that you knew how much he loved. It became you and it complimented your figure so much that Victor couldn't take his eyes off you. This specific dress seemed like tailor-made only for you. You were like a true queen to him no matter what...
"There you go" your soothing voice interrupted his meditation.
He gently planted a kiss on your silky hair and rested his forehead on yours.
"You know... You should stop being such a cute distraction or else we'll be very late..." he pseudo complained.

The party was actually great!
You were talking to your friend Sara and her brother Mike, when suddenly an odd presence caught your attention.
"Oh Viktor! Long time no see!" an abrasive female voice was heard.
"Oh, Ania! How are you?" Viktor said with his well known goofy smile.
"Just fine, love and now that I saw you, I'm perfect" she purred at him.
"Oh! yes, yes" Viktor grinned.
You were piercing at them with your fierce eyes.

Ania spotted you looking at them and she immediately understood who you were.
 Ignoring your warning glances, she took Viktor's hand and leaded away from you sight.

They started chit-chatting and laughing their hearts out.
You weren't the jealous type of a girlfriend, but the aura that female gave of and her actions were getting on your nerves.
She was flirting with your fiancé right in front of your eyes, even though she already knew he was engaged.
As for Victor, he just accepted that and kept on laughing. He wasn't even trying to stop her flirting!

“Victor, are you still single?” Ania suddenly said batting her eyelashes sensually as he leaned closer to him.
The girl suggestively bit her lower lip.
Viktor blushed and slightly stepped behind "Ania, I told you, I'm engaged..."
The girl held his hand, took off his engagement ring and threw it on the floor.
"Now, you're not" she seductively whispered close to his ear.
Viktor was momentarily enchanted by her spell
Anger was boiling in your chest and jealously clouded your eyes.
You marched towards them and stood between them to separated them.

"We're leaving." You declared "NOW!"

Viktor said nothing and followed you behind.
"(y-your name)"
"Don't you even dare to apologize"

Victor gestured you to enter the elevator first.
You stepped inside and Victor pressed the button for the elevator to start moving.

"I drank a bit more than usual. She started this."
"You never complained or asked her to stop.." your steady voice was heard saying
"She took advantage of me."
" You're the one bragging about your endurance at drinking contents." you stated.

Viktor lowered his head.
He was ashamed.
For the first time in his life was feeling... weak.

"You don't love me at all, do you?" you angrily muttered, breaking the long and tensed silence.

Hearing your words, the Russian pressed a button on the board and the elevator was immediately stabilized as its lights went off.
He was having a crucial debate with himself.
His blue icy eyes simmered playfully. 

"Victor, what are you-?"
Before you could even finish you sentence, the male had trapped you, the oblivious female, against the wall by pressing his body on yours.
"Ready to prove you wrong, love?" he purred close to your ear.
Without giving you any chance to react, Victor started hungrily kissing and biting your velvet flesh at random spots, just to tease you a little bit.
"V-Viktor... Not here..." you begged, being barely able to breathe.
Said man silenced you with a passionate kiss on the lips. "We will have a great time. I promise." he seductively told you and bit the crook of your neck harder.   

"Victor..." you moaned his name as a wave of pleasure hit your back.
Viktor licked all the way down your neck, until he reached your collarbone, which he showered with butterfly kisses.
Your heart was beating fast with anticipation as Victor was taking off the straps of your (f/c) dress and left a hickey on your right shoulder. The feeling of his lips caressing your skin was always so erotic to you. You momentarily hitched when Victor bended and sank his teeth into the flesh between your two breasts. You ran your fingers in his icy locks and firmly pulled one strand. 
"Hey! плохая девочка (Bad girl...) " he mischievously laughed with his sexy Russian pronunciation. He looked at you with a playful gaze as he held your jaw with his hand.
"I'm sure you know what follows next..." he grinned.

He was still working on your collarbone when he passed his hand inside your bra and started playing with the nipples of your breasts with his fingers.
you could feel a knot being formed on you stomach, that made you wet.
Your fiancé looked at you with lustfully simmering orbs.


You involuntary nodded.
"I'm sure you are..." he smirked and slightly bended you legs.
He passed his hand from the bottom of your skirt and placed it on your hip. He caressed your butt and gave a firm grab of your thigh.
He lowered your underwear and with no delay he started caressing your clitoris with circled moves your clitoris.
"oh..." you exclaimed, feeling your knees go weaker.
Victor supported you by your lower back and by bringing you closer to him. With his free hand, he separated your legs even more, so he could have a better access. 
You had rested your palms on Victor's back, being able to sense all his tensed muscles.
You inadvertently stroked his torso and his toned chest. 
"(y/n)..." Victor moaned.
You were panting mess, while Viktor was skillfully doing his tricks to you.

"Victor, the elevator!" you panicked.
The lights were back on and it was moving.

"Quickly, dear!"
Victor helped you make herself presentable again, instead of the panting mess you both were.
You could hardly catch your breath and you had fallen on your knees.

"Come here, sweetie." being the gentleman he was, Victor picked you up to carry you bridal style.

The door of the elevator opened up, revealing two familiar figures.

"You're leaving the party already?" the abrasive tone of Yuri Plisetsky asked.
"Oh, Yuri! Yurio! " Victor cheered.
"(y/n)-chan, are  you ok?" Yuri worriedly questioned.
"Yes, Yuri. I was just feeling dizzy, so I asked Victor to leave early, that's all" she sluggishly smiled
"Oh.. ok. Um... get well soon."
"Thank you, Yur-"
"Why is he carrying you?" The younger Russian interrogated.
"Yurio..." Victor warned.
"tch... идиот (idiot...)"
"Ok! Have a great time! Bye guys!!" The former ice skater bubbly said "And Yuri, don't get drunk. We have an ice skating practice  tomorrow, ok?"

The couple stepped outside the building and only when they reached his car and Victor gently placed you on the passenger seat.
"Please, (y/n) forgive me." he begged
"We'll see..."
You were exhausted, so you closed your eyes to rest.
Viktor silently gazed at you for a couple of minutes, admiring your calm features.
He gave in the temptation and kissed your lips. Despite your tiredness you sluggishly returned the kiss. A tender and soft kiss, unlike the previous ones.  It was now pure love that both of you felt banging inside your chests.
You were both lost in each other. It was only you and him. Two loved souls talking without words.

You separated when the lack of air was insufferable.
Viktor got on the driver's seat and wore his seatbelt

"Sleep well, love." you heard his soothing voice wishing you as you feel asleep.

"I Love you, (y/n) and I'll make sure you'll never doubt that again."
Victor x reader: rough lime,R.15: - Prove me wrong
Merry Christmas everyone!
I know that this is not y typical X=mas story that I used to write every single year, but I wanted to celebrate this baby's b-day!

This awesome pic (c) Haanakko
Haapy B-day Viktor Nikiforov!

Anyway, Thank you for reading~!!
Until next time,
Merry Christmas everyone! Wishing you a season full of happiness, joy and magic!


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